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Instructions to perform SSIaaS interop TEST 1

  1. With your user agent, scan QR code.
  2. QR code contains Authentication Request in JWT format.
  3. Payload of JWT is available here
  4. Your user agent should verify signature.
  5. Your user agent should verify the content of token payload. More info is available here
  6. Prepare ID token with claims, specified in Authentication Request.
  7. Send token to endpoint, specified in "client_id" field of Authentication Request payload.
  8. Check outcome of the test:
    1. As HTTP response in your user agent.
    2. On the right side of this page in section "Test result".

About requested claims

By default, Authentication Request asks you for email, phone_number, did as essential claim and name,address as voluntary claim.

If you want to use different claims, use form below, where you can set your own Essential claims and Voluntary claims. Enter them as comma separated values, click on Change button and code should be updated.

Content of QR code

Test results